Meet Raney Co


Thank you for visiting our site! We are excited for you and your little ones to join the fun at Raney Co. Being caregivers to young kids is our greatest joy in life but also has its challenges. One of our biggest difficulties when raising our kids is keeping them entertained while also helping them learn and grow developmentally. Just add it to the list of the many things we all struggle with as parents!
We are constantly told how important reading is for our kids... but books aren't always the first things our children want to pick up. Let's get real: to a to child, books alone aren't fun. We want to create a fun and interactive experience that approaches reading in a different way. Our Read and Play Kits are an experience that make stories come alive.

Together, despite our differing professional backgrounds in teaching and marketing, our common goal as sisters and full time moms is to re-imagine the reading experience for kids and their caregivers. We make stories come alive by adding the element of play to our favorite books.
Reading. Playing. Learning.